12-year-old girl wows AGT judges with unique rendition of ‘Dance Monkey’

Twelve-year-old Annie Jones took the stage on America’s Got Talent after a fifteen-hour flight from her home country of Australia. She seemed a bit nervous about performing in front of an audience.

Once the music started to play, she was entirely in the zone. She began singing “Dance Monkey” by the Tones and I. She started strong, and then she got better.

As the beat dropped, Annie broke out some swag dance moves. The crowd clapped along to the music. Sofia, Simon, and Howie joined in, putting their hands together to the beat.

With fancy footwork and overwhelming confidence, Annie captured the hearts of the audience members. She owned the stage, and the crowd went wild over her. Their cheers filled the auditorium.

When she had finished singing her song, Sofia and Howie told her how impressed they were by her choice of music and her ability to pull off some crazy dance moves.

When it was Simon’s turn to give his feedback, he applauded her on her confidence and command of the spotlight. All three judges voted her through to the next round.

Annie jumped for joy. Her mother and grandmother beamed with pride. This little girl’s big dream was coming true, thanks to her dedication to music and her belief in herself.

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