After all, I’m 21 and a mother of FOUR kids under two, but I still own a home – we started saving as soon as I found out I was pregnant to make money.

After all, I’m 21 and a mother of FOUR kids under two, but I still own a home – we started saving as soon as I found out I was pregnant to make money.

A young couple Ellie Dudfield – Billy Revell became parents to four children under the age of two after giving birth to COLORS triplets. They have boys Archie, Albie and Arthur born 12 weeks premature and their parents, Ellie Dudfield, 21, and Billy Revell, 20, have been told they have a 40 per cent chance of survival. They were surprised to hear this.

Billy and Ellie haᴠe theɪr hands fᴜʟʟ wɪth ʟᴏʟa and theɪr three bᴏys. Credit: Mercury

Ellie, an administrative assistant with the NHS, admits that being a mother of four children under the age of two is difficult, but she wouldn’t do it any other way. The happy mother from Kettering, Northampton said: ‘We clearly don’t have the same normal lives as others our age. It was difficult, but we were always family-oriented, so we succeeded.”

Ellie explains: “As soon as we found out we were pregnant with Lola, we started saving and sacrificing everything, including dates, weekends and buying new clothes. Luckily, we both still live at home – without paying rent – so we can save as much as we can. ”

Mother Ellie was tᴏld her bᴏys were a мɪraᴄle as they shared ᴏne plaᴄenta. Credit: Mercury

“We budget for everything, even food. It took us a year to accumulate a 10% deposit, and we used the ‘buy help’ plan to get a house. When we did. When I worked at the NICU with the boys, the staff were amazed.As we grew older, strangers always stopped us from going out to meet the boys, and when they realized we were still young. , even though we were young. Wherever we went, they always said ‘well done’.”

The ‘one in 200 million’ triplets were born on June 30 at 28 weeks and two days after their death in November 2020. Archie weighed 2lb 6oz, Albie 2lbs 2oz and Arthur 2lbs 4oz when they arrived at Kettering General Hospital through c-section.


As if triplets were not unusual, Arthur was born in his amniotic sac, a rate that occurs in only 80,000 births. They were immediately taken to the neonatal critical care unit, where their struggle for survival really began.

Ellie commented: “It was an emotional roller coaster ride because they were up and down so much. Because Archie and Albie had extremely high blood pressure and needed special breathing, they were transferred to Coventry University hospital after two days. It’s really hard to get them to different hospitals and Lola is at home with our parents. ”

And the sad thing is that they all had sepsis and jaundice. Albie has inflammation around her brain and is on long-term antibiotic treatment. Archie had a bleeding lung, and we were told the prognosis was not promising.

But, fortunately, he was significantly better the next day. At two weeks old, Arthur was diagnosed with a grade 4 cerebral hemorrhage and doctors were unable to assess his quality of life. She shared, “” Arthur’s worst case scenario could be cerebral palsy, or it could simply be glasses or attention problems. We’ll learn more as he approaches major milestones. has been arranged. ”

“The triplets got off to a bad start in life, but Billy, a multifaceted businessman, stayed strong, which helped me a lot.” He seems very optimistic.

Ellie works in the NHS as an administrative assistant. Credit: Mercury

“Lola despises it because it’s our first time apart.”

In September, the family went home after 12 weeks in the hospital. Ellie added: ‘It’s tough having four children under two, but regularity is essential. Fortunately, the hospital came up with an excellent regimen for triplets, feeding them for four hours. Once. They hardly wake up once per night. Lola is in her terrible second phase, which is the hardest. We need to manage our time so that everyone gets a fair share. ”

Before the arrival of triplets, the couple updated the five-seater to a seven-seater. The family goes through about 25 diapers and 18 bottles a day.

Married mum Ellie added: “Fortunately we bought a three bedroom house in 2019, so we didn’t have to downsize. Trips and a toddler need lots of diapers and bottles. Every day, we go through a tub of formula. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything because it’s a joy to see them grow up. ”

“Billy and I adore it, but we have no intention of having any more children!” – She declared

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