Mom With 4 Kids And Postpartum Pleads Her Case To Jսԁɡe Over 13 Tickets

Judge Frank Caprio is known for his “Caught In Providence” show where he presides over hearings that deal with driving tickets. He’s a great guy, often letting people share their stories first before he makes a decision.

More often than not, it’s tied to life’s many challenges, and once a story moves Caprio, he lets them off with a much, much lighter sentence. Judge Frank is very famous.

This woman has 13 tickets.

Tristen Fields stands before Judge Caprio with unpaid tickets. Tristen shares that it’s registered to her children’s father, whom she’s separated with for around three years.

Judge Frank tries to clarify certain details but Tristen says she no longer has any contact with her kids’ father so there’s no way of answering. She has four kids. The father is still around Providence.

The problem is that her car has 13 overnight parking tickets.

Tristen leaves the car in front of her house since she doesn’t have a parking space at her current residence. When Caprio asked why she leaves the car, Tristen responds saying that she’s just exhausted.

She works lots of hours which leaves her tired, plus she’s got the kids to care for.

Tristen then clarifies that she does have space for the car now, and that she’s just trying to get her life together. Judge Caprio, in typical fashion, says he does understand her and that he wants to help her.

Caprio brings out a letter containing six fifty-dollar tickets from a gentleman in Texas. He reads the letter before using one of the tickets to pay for Tristen’s. And she finally breaks into a smile!

Tristen says she can pay $50 a week but Caprio brings it down to $25 after making her pay a hundred. Then he dismisses the other tickets, with the only condition that she pay the remaining balance and that she moves the car.

Alandra Ramirez has three parking tickets and a red light violation.

Alandra beating the red light was caught on video but Caprio clearly saw that she tried to stop but since she wouldn’t make it, crossed the intersection. Caprio let it go.

A little argument ensues about whether she did try to stop or not, but when Caprio asks Alandra again, she breaks down saying that she has postpartum since she just gave birth.

Judge Frank asks Ramirez about her baby to put her at ease. Brayson is two months old and is her first child.

Alandra sheds more tears, admitting that she’s nervous as this is her first time in court. Caprio once again eases her mind by clearing her red light violation with the help of Inspector Quinn.

Now for the three $20 dollar tickets.

Alandra says she has the money on her but Caprio refuses the money as he releases the boot, saying she’s got a baby and she needs the money for him. Alandra goes on to say she can pay once her money comes in.

Caprio counters, saying that she should focus on her baby first. He releases the boot and wishes her luck to which a smiling Alandra thanks the good judge for his wisdom and understanding. Great man.

Check out both hearings below!

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