On their birthday, twin sisters give birth to daughters 90 minutes apart.

Twin sisters gave birth to daughters on their same birthday, with the babies arriving barely 90 minutes apart. Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana of Knoxville, Tennessee, gave birth to their daughters on Thursday, October 29, at the same hospital. They were, however, in different rooms throughout their respective births.

“This is our testimony,” Autum, Charleston’s mother, adds. “You couldn’t possibly have planned this… God made our narrative incredibly special, and all the tiny pieces came together for a large, beautiful image, for which I’m grateful.” “Pregnancy and labor is such a difficult and challenging period,” Amber, Blakely’s mother, adds. It’s wonderful, but it’s a difficult period of life, and having Autum at my side has been a big blessing… We’ve had it our entire lives, so this is simply another addition to the list.”

Amber and Autum grew up together in Tennessee and remained close throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies at Carson Newman University. They even went on to become both registered nurses and nurse practitioners. “Thirty-three years is a long time to make memories, and we’ve done it all together, through school, grad school, our professions, and on into adulthood, getting married,” Amber adds. “We’ve always had a co-pilot for everything.”
Amber, who is located in Knoxville, opted to work in the maternity and oncology departments, whilst Autum, from Morristown, worked on the trauma floor and went on to practice orthopedic nursing. “That’s kind of when I believe the miracle really jumps out,” Autum recalls. “For approximately two years, my husband Scott and I attempted to get pregnant. When we eventually found out we were pregnant with our kid, we discovered Amber had just returned from her honeymoon and was also pregnant.

So what took us two years took her a honeymoon.” “We became pregnant again quite quickly after the grief,” Autum says. “That’s when Amber FaceTimed me one night [in late February or early March] and said, ‘Well, I wasn’t going to tell you this, but I’m pregnant.’ And I answered, ‘Well, I wasn’t going to tell you this either, but I am.’

On Oct. 29, the sisters arrived at Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in Knoxville at 6 a.m., both 1.5 cm dilated, and went into labor shortly after. They were in adjacent rooms and shared the same OB/GYN, Dr. George Vick.

Twin Sisters Give Birth to Daughters 90 Minutes Apart

Looking ahead, the twins say they can’t wait to see their girls form unbreakable relationships, like they have over the last 33 years. “Every memory I have as a small girl, middle school, high school, college, and throughout my life, they all involve Amber in some way,” Autum adds. “I believe they’ll be the same… “Charleston will say, ‘I’ve always had Blakely,’ and Blakely will answer, ‘I’ve always had Charleston.” “Year after year,” Amber says, “it’s the birthday present that becomes sweeter.” Tramontana and Shaw expressed excitement about making birthdays “a huge occasion” for their daughters as they grow up together.

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