Six Unusual But Completely Normal Facts About Your Newborn

Parents strive to learn about parenting and what to expect in the following months during the months of pregnancy. They read books, blogs, and watch videos, and they confer with physicians and specialists. However, no matter how much you prepare for the baby’s birth, weird things might still happen.

When parents see anything unusual about their child, they frequently become concerned. You may also discover some surprises in newborns. But we’re here to inform you that some of what you’re seeing is actually fairly typical. Babies may be strange, from having weirdly shaped heads to not crying when they are upset! The following are six strange but usual occurrences that can happen to a newborn baby:

Things You Didn’t Know About Babies

1. Your child’s head may have a conical form.

A newborn’s skull bones do not merge with one another. This is to allow for greater movement during birthing. Your baby must pass through the birth canal and will emerge on its own during a normal delivery. When this happens, individuals will feel a lot of pressure on their heads as they go through a short area (your neighborhoods).


Your child’s head may be curved into a light cone throughout this phase. While it may cause concern and appear abnormal, your baby’s head shape will revert to normal in a week or two.

2. Do They Always Cry… Or Do They?

We all know that newborns cry a lot. In fact, it appears that’s all they do. Don’t be concerned if you observe your baby screaming but cannot see any tears. When newborns are born, they often get dehydrated. Regardless of whether or not the appropriate amount of water was received in the womb. Babies’ tummies are incredibly tiny, making it impossible for them to store substantial volumes of water. Breast milk or infant formula provides all of the water they require. Doctors don’t even prescribe water till the infant is six months old, in case you didn’t know!


3. Children Born Without Teeth?

Most newborns do not have natural teeth, so don’t be alarmed if you discover one or two when they arrive. White teeth are frequently stained, fragile, and loosely connected to the gums.
They are frequently unsteady and fall after a few months. When your kid’s baby teeth are particularly unstable, they constitute a choking threat. When they begin to loosen, take your kid to a pediatric dentist so that it may be securely removed.


4. They are friendly behind their backs!

We frequently see youngsters who have absolutely no hair on their heads. Some of them have no brows or eyelashes at all! Then there are those newborns who resemble little bears! Hair on the neck, shoulders, and back of certain newborns is normal. Lanugo is a word for it. Babies produce all of their hair in the womb, and it protects their skin. It also aids in the regulation of their body temperature. All hair falls off after a few weeks. If your kid is born prematurely, he or she will take longer to remove extra hair, but the process is the same. So don’t be concerned.


5. What’s the deal with their poop?

For the first few days, many parents are terrified of changing their baby’s diaper. That’s because their feces resemble manure! Instead, you can detect something that resembles tar. What you’re looking at is compost. It is essentially garbage that is excreted from their body and contains lipids, proteins, poisons, and cells. After babies start consuming breastmilk or formula, their feces will gradually return to normal.


6. The belly button is located around the navel.

The umbilical chord is severed after the infant is born in order to feed the baby in the womb. However, a little bulge persisted in the baby’s navel area for some time. It takes a few weeks for the umbilical region to seem familiar.


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