The chances of having third generation twins born into the same family are 20,000 to one.

This is a unique story because it has a 20,000 to 1 probability of occuring. But one family defied the odds and welcomed their third generation of twins. The fact that the family had previously had twins, and their third twins, Ethan and Eilidh Whitton, were born last Wednesday to the pleasure of their parents, Derek and Ashley Whitton, all 30.

Whitton, from Dundee, Scotland, has twin sisters, Brogan and Robyn, both 21, and a third-generation twin, Elizabeth McKenzie, with her mother, Jacqueline Glennie, 52. She had hoped to learn that she was also expecting twins. Because it’s genetically likely, and Ms Whitton indicated it’s ‘predicted’ to happen.

A clairvoyant warned her two years ago that she will experience the same fate as her mother and grandmother by giving birth to two small children in her own joys. “It is incredibly uncommon for a family to have three generations of twins, yet it is absolutely natural for us; I would never believe it if you told me this one year,” she explained. I went to visit a psychic two years ago when I found out I was pregnant, and she told me I was having twins, and I just thought, ‘oh huh, OK,’ because I don’t believe anything as foretold by the granny.

But, when I was truly pregnant, in the seventh week, I had a really horrible morning performance, so the doctors took me for an ultrasound right away. The scan revealed two heartbeats, and it was the first time I learned I was expecting twins. We all laughed because the psychics were all correct.

Whitton went immediately to her mother’s house after the scan to inform her of the results. She stated: “We walked down to my mother’s house without informing her about the twins, and she didn’t recognize it at first. She replied, “Oh, you have two images over here,” but we simply glanced at her and everything fell into place; she couldn’t believe it. Even though my grandma was visibly moved by the narrative, everyone laughed “, weighing 5lb 5oz at birth, and Eilidh, weighing 6lb 10oz, were delivered in Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

Despite the fact that they have settled in, Whitton says that they may need to locate a larger home in the future and has traded her little automobile for a larger one.

What I’m most looking forward to is the family holiday, so we can get everyone together, and we’re planning a large Christmas party at Forbes of Kingennie, just outside of Dundee. We’ll be sleeping in a motel on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve because none of us have a house large enough to accommodate that many people.

However, this would result in many changes in our life, since we had to give in our Fiat Punto for a Nissan Note, which has more space. But my mother is wonderful, and my sisters are wonderful aunts. To be honest, the twins are doing well and have a terrific habit right now. Everyone played a constructive part, therefore the support was excellent. A household with multiple twins may be affected. “We’re all really tight.”

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